How In The Hell Did the US Women Give That Match Away?

Okay, Japan was resilient in their efforts to come back after being down 1-0 to eventually tie it at 1-1. Fine.

But, one could make the argument that the US should’ve played LOCKDOWN DEFENSE after scoring a second time in the 116th minute. They needed to playtough D for about four more minutes. Anyone that watches soccer knows that what happened on Sunday at the end of that match was just a horrible showing on defense by the USA. There’s no way they should’ve given up that match so late. It was a missed opportunity.

The shear size of the USA should’ve been enough to close out the match. Most of the Americans were taller and bigger than the Japanese. And I’m not grasping at straws here. Height is a huge advantage on corner kicks and it was a corner kick that eventually tied the game for Japan late in extra time. Go figure.

With that said, congratulations to Japan on the victory. They truly played with heart and determination and as a sports fan, that’s something I can be proud of.

P.S. – Alex Morgan is still the hottest player on the USA team.