With The Way DeSean Jackson Parties, He Better Hit The Jacccpottttt

by Dom

Yeah, I realize the kid is young and he wants to have fun in his early years. What I also realize is that he’s not a millionaire yet. Under his current contract, he will make $565,000 with the Eagles in 2011. That’s a hell of a lot of money, but suppose the lockout continues? Can he really afford all of the parties he’s having over there on the “west coast best coast?”

Why am I going on this rant? Well, last night DJACC supposedly hosted an after-party for the ESPYs at Bare, a strip club in LA.  What a great place for a party (sarcasm). Yeah, the boyzzz will attend, but are the girls going to want to attend a strip club party? Probably not. If it were me, I’d pick a sick club in LA that the ladies wouldn’t mind going to.

Look I’m all for fun, but not when you’re racking up $25,000 bar tabs on a weekend with your homeboys. That’s just crazy.

(H/T Crossing Broad)