Rays Pitcher David Price Loses Credibility As a Competitor/Man

by Dom

Usually if you’re a pitcher and you give up a home run, you have an incentive to work harder in practice to prevent that from happening again. David Price of theTampa Bay Rays gave up the home run that gave Derek Jeter his 3,000th hit. Okay, shit happens. No big deal.

The thing that gets me is that David Price was either provoked by Steiner Sports or he went crawling to them to secure a memorabilia deal in which him and Derek Jeter would co-sign a ball that says “I Gave Up DJ’s 3K.”

You can disagree all you want, but that’s absolutely whack. By signing that ball with that inscription, Price is basically bending over and allowing the proverbial shaft of Derek Jeter to enter his rectum. You would never see Roy Halladay co-signing a baseball with Alex Rodriguez after A-Roid hit his 500th home run.Halladay would grab that baseball, as well as the memorabilia contract, and wipe his sacred ass with it.

Good job, David Price, you’re officially a sellout.

(H/T HardballTalk)