Derek Jeter Isn’t Attending The All-Star Game…So What?!

by Dom

I really don’t understand all the hype behind this topic. Yes, Derek Jeter hit his 3,000th hit just the other day and the fine folks of Major League Baseball wanted to “honor” him in Arizona at the All-Star Game.

How exactly were they going to honor him?

I doubt anyone can honor Jeter more than Christian Lopez, the fan who decided to give DJ the #3,000 ball. That’s a HUGE honor and took a lot of balls from Mr. Lopez. I applaude you, sir.

But, anyway, Jeter is tired. He wants to use the All-Star break as a rest period. No problem in that. No harm, no foul. I actually commend him for being able to walk away from playing in an All-Star Game. I’m not a pro baseball player, but I imagine choosing to not play in a game like that would be a tough choice to make.

So, to all those Jeter haters, get a life. The guy still has more hits (and girls) then you.